Black Friday 2021
Tampa Pro Shop Black Friday

Holiday Gift Package


Looking for a gift bundle for a friend or family member?  We have what you’re looking for!  Get one dozen Bridgestone Tour balls, a cabretta leather golf glove, Westernbirch golf tees, and a hat for only $69.99.  Hats will vary by style.

Bridgestone Tour B Golf Balls

All Bridgestone Tour Balls


That’s right!  All Bridgestone Tour balls are only $40.99 while supplies last.  That’s 15% off retail!  We just received a shipment of golf balls so get yours before they are gone!  There is no limit to how many you can purchase as long as they are still in stock.

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact

Bridgestone e-Series


Buy 2 and save on Bridgestone e-series golf balls when you purchase 2 dozen e-12 Contact or e6.  No limit as long as they are still in stock.

Blue Tees Rangefinders

Blue Tees Rangefinders


We are making room for products in the new year so get yours while we have them!  There is VERY limited stock so be one of the first ones to get yours.  The Series 2 Pro-slope is originally $220 and the Series 2 (non-slope) is regularly $190.  This means you save over 25% off retail pricing!  Free shipping on all rangefinders!