OnCore Golf Vero X1 Wins Awards!


Vero X1 Golf Balls

Recently, direct-to-consumer (D2C) golf brands like OnCore have made golfers question whether they should continue purchasing tour level golf balls like the Titleist Pro V and Pro V1.  But OnCore may have solidified that thought when Golf EQ and My Golf Spy released a series of testing that places OnCore’s performance above the most recognized brands.  And, impressively, OnCore’s ability to deliver “tour” level performance, at 20% less cost, is advantageous for all amateur golfers.

To further drive home the outstanding performance, OnCore has signed PGA Tour players Erik Compton and Andy Pope. Other big name (non-professional) players include Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

During the Vero X1‘s test (by GolfEQ), it was stated that the “Vero X1 and the ProV1x golf balls outperformed the Prov1 by a significant margin during driver tests. As always, your delivery will determine which category of golf ball is best for you, but if you find yourself comfortably in the high launch/low spin category, the VeroX1 must be on your testing list”. (2021, GolfEQ).  These results “demonstrate that players no longer have to choose between performance and cost no matter what their budget is”.

VERO X1 Performance

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