Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold


Saintnine EXTREME SOFT GOLD is a premium golf ball that allows you to dominate the game and achieve various performances with its soft feel, consistent direction, longer distance, and perfect spin control in short games.

These premium balls include a Saintnine Mental Mate animal logo. The Mental Mates is designed to provide you with a better state of mind, which will help you improve your game!

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Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold Profile
  • Construction - 4-piece
  • Core- Soft, Ultra-high energy 85 compression core
  • Dimple - 336 dimples for flight stability and reduced air resistance
  • Performance - The Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold is the highest
    spinning Tour Level ball you can find. Take advantage of the
    Tour Level spin and stop a ball on any green, any time, no matter what level you play
  • Player Profile - Designed for mid to low handicap golfers.
    Premium feel and spin control make this ball ideal from tee-to-green.
    Optimized for elite distance without sacrificing the ability to create spin
    in your short game.
  • Mental Mates - Mental Mates correspond with the ball numbers listed below


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